Regular maintenance is essential for several reasons – safety of you and your family,
to save you from costly repairs & preserve the value of your asset. Ask us about the
options for lube, standard servicing & full log book services.

1. There is NO requirement to service your car at a manufacturer’s dealership to preserve:
• Any manufacturer’s warranty (that may apply to your vehicle)
• Any state or territory based statutory warranty (that may apply to your vehicle); or
• Your rights to consumer guarantees (formerly known as implied statutory warranties).
2. We are qualified to carry out log book servicing & we ensure that work is done according to manufacturers specifications, using appropriate quality parts and lubricants where required
3. We can and WE WILL stamp your log book to verify the work has been conducted by fully qualified staff according to manufacturers specification, using appropriate quality parts
4. Motor vehicle dealers sometimes offer their own extended warranties on vehicles, which usually kick in after the manufacturer’s warranty and may stipulate that the vehicle must be serviced by the actual dealer offering the warranty. They are generally within their rights to impose this condition, although we add the caution that such warranties are not always what they seem and we are happy to advise you on relative value before you commit to any service plan.

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Your safety revolves around three main factors – Tyres, Shocks & Brakes… all equally important for
obvious reasons. Book today for a safety check where we will advise & quote on any maintenance or repairs required on these components.


Research shows that one worn shock absorber can add 2.6 meters to the stopping distance of your vehicle.
Unfortunately worn & faulty suspension components are hard for the driver to detect.
Book today for a suspension check where we will advise & quote on any maintenance or repairs required on these components.

Mechanical Repairs

In addition to servicing, brakes, suspension and exhausts we are also able to undertake any other repairs
your vehicle may require. Where possible we give full & detailed quotes for all work required so that
you are fully aware of what needs doing.

Need a Vehicle Safety Inspection or Vehicle Safety Certificate in Noosa?

Vehicle Safety Certificates

A Vehicle Safety Certificate are typically required when registering smaller vehicles such as cars, trailers and motorcycles. Examiners conduct tests on a range of safety features before issuing vehicle safety certificates too ensure road-worthiness. If you are in Noosa and require a Vehicle Safety Certificate then contact us today!

Vehicle Safety Inspections

A Vehicle Safety Inspection is generally required for heavy vehicles such as trucks, caravans and trailers. If you are looking for a Vehicle Safety Inspection in Noosa contact us today!

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